My Teaching Ambitions

Opportunities that I seek out which drive me to Do Better, and Be Better

I have been fond of learning and sharing my views and knowledge whenever possible.

As I’ve stated earlier, I was never a very studious child. But I doff my hat to my school teachers, especially Indira Ma’am and Ibrahim Sir who took an errant child under their wings, stoked his curiosity alive, and pushed him onto the path of learning.

The impression that my teachers and mentors left on me, shaping my mind and character, is the kind of impression I wish to leave on my students.

During my college years, it was only because of accommodating professors that I could answer exams from the hospital bed. For this and everything else that they have done, I will forever be thankful to the efforts of teachers and mentors I have encountered throughout my journey so far.

To move into the world of academics was a decision that I had already taken during my days in IIM Calcutta (1995-96 period); with the belief that knowledge increases when it is shared. The impression that my teachers and mentors left on me, shaping my mind and character, is the kind of impression I wish to leave on my students.

Given the right type of students (i.e., reasonably sincere, serious, etc.), I aim to take them to a different level.  This not only helps the students get upgraded to a higher level, but (most importantly) helps me learn and grow as a teacher in the process of knowing them. These are the opportunities that I seek out and which drive me to Do Better, Be Better.


Student Resources

The Student Resources section provides Outlines for the courses I’ve taken along with some interesting Question Papers and Caselets that I’ve prepared over the years.

Some well-written Assignments from bright students have been included to give students a fair idea of the performance expected of them in my class.

They are welcome to learn and take ideas from the Assignments and Presentations.

Academic Career

This section chronicles my work so far at IIMR, IIMK, XLRI and LBSNAA along with my sabbaticals. As and when I undertake new adventures in the professional sphere, I shall endeavor to refresh it.

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Testimonials and Feedback

While my teaching feedback has not been the highest among all the faculty teaching in a term or semester (typically, about 7-8 courses run at the same time at XLRI), yet it has never been the lowest as such.

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Awards and Grants

Awards, Grants, and Honors that I am proud of, which includes popularity of my papers, case publications and accolades towards my other publications.

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Images in this section are from my Professional Life and Life at LBSNAA collections.

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