The Bird

During one of my visits to the National Police Academy in Hyderabad, the rich flora and fauna on the campus caught my attention. On further inquiry, I learnt that it was all barren land with rocky terrain before the academy was set up. But after successful reclamation of the land, it is now thriving with vibrant flora and fauna, and in 2014, Hon. Home Minister of India Shri. Rajnath Singh even launched a booklet on it.

That spurred ideas for the next dream project, an Ecologically Sustainable Green Venture with a wide variety of colourful birds around with an appended social development facet. It is only a germ of an idea at the moment, but I feel myself gearing up for another change in my career. By 2030, I should be ready to hang up my teacher’s robes and dedicate myself fully to setting up an NGO that works towards ecological restoration with community participation. Pursuing this shared dream with family and friends has added meaningfulness to the purpose of life.

It has always been a passion of mine to give back to the community.[1] And I have tried to do that as an educator.

As we advance, I want to expand the definitions of the word 'educator' to encompass the role of a facilitator for community development. And at the root of all community development is education and, more importantly, the teaching of the girl child. I am an ardent proponent of adoption. Yet, I realize that it is limited in its scope to bring change in the social fabric - to a large extent, it still lacks complete social acceptance in many ways.

Some more considerable institutional changes must be brought about. I want to work towards and reflect on what those changes are and how they may be brought about.

All suggestions on how I can make this humble vision of mine a reality are heartily invited. Please contact me[2] - friends and well-wishers with first-hand knowledge of working in similar fields, or having knowledge of existing organizations - who would welcome my participation. People who might share my vision for the inclusive growth of society in a sustainable manner should feel free to contact me[2] as well.

We can join hands together to 'Be and Make'.

[1] Click to view my Select Community Service & Organization Membership.

[2] Click to Contact me.

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