Just Released

Financial Accounting for Management. 4th Edition

Ramachandran N, and Ram Kumar Kakani

Tata McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2016 [ISBN: 978-93-85965-66-1]


Just Released

Indian Business Groups, Strategy and Performance

Ram Kumar Kakani, Santosh Sangem, and Madhvi Shethi

Cambridge University Press India, 2015 [ISBN: 978-9-38-446337-3]


Greetings and Namaskar Ji

It is with utmost pleasure that I welcome you all to my website.

I am an academician at heart and fortunately, by profession. At present, I’m a Professor at the XLRI Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, India. I have taught at XLRI for over a decade now, starting from 2001.

I did though take few adventurous sabbaticals over the years.


The first was a short sojourn with the SP Jain Center for Management (SPJCM) to their Dubai and Singapore campuses in 2007-08. More recently, I moved to India’s apex public administration training institute, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie (2012-14) as a proud servant of the Government of India. LBSNAA was also kind enough to allow me take a sabbatical to Africa as an ICCR Chair Professor at the Lagos Business School, Nigeria for five months in 2013.

You can find more in the Sabbaticals section.

Now, I am back at my home turf (i.e. XLRI)! Wherein, I can attempt to channelize my dissipating energies as well as have some time to do decent academic work that has societal ramifications.

Incidentally, this travel bug has been a part of my life prior to joining XLRI as well. During my residential doctoral work at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta I grabbed the opportunity to spend one semester as a research scholar at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Areas of Interest

I am always eagerly looking forward to do more interesting career experiment… may be, explore the unknown and unseen parts of continents such as the Americas (and who knows even Antarctica!) and also the Indian hinterlands such as Uttar Pradesh and Nagaland. The new generation that is planning expeditions to the moon and testing the limits of the universe, might find this too low an ambition. But humble travels and explorations are a huge part of my life and I’ve dedicated a section on this website to chronicle a few of my trips.

My areas of interest in terms of subjects are wide-ranging with primary focus on Analysis and Management. I have written individually and co-authored books and journal articles in areas ranging from Agriculture to mobile VAS to Political Relations to Auditing. My latest book 'Indian Business Groups, Strategy and Performance' released in 2015 was an another such academic move.

Explore the details in Publications section.


Lately, I have been interested in learning and training soft skills such as Leadership Development in Public Administration and actively working towards contributing to that field. There’s a Training Resources section here that tries to capture some of the work I’ve already done in this domain. I’ve also shared some motivational speeches by industry leaders and other eminent personages that have shaped my views to a large extent.

There is one Student Resources section as well, where students can find related coursework which have been collected over the years that might help in improving their comprehension of various concepts.

Browse through the Resources to find out more.

Let's Co-create Something Big!

The primary purpose behind the creation of this website is to share ideas, learnings, and experiences in the form of tangible information. This website does not to intend to be unidirectional in providing information but seeks to bring together constructive ideas in order to achieve the vision of an equitable future.

All are welcome to contact me and share their ideas. Let’s Co-create Something Big!

Ram Kumar Kakani