Professional Life

The Academic Career

This section chronicles my work so far at IIMK, XLRI and LBSNAA along with my sabbaticals. Again this is a section that keeps expanding upon. As and when I undertake new adventures in the professional sphere, I shall endeavor to refresh it.

Professor at IIMK

Faculty Page at IIMKI joined Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) in May 2019 as a Professor.

This Faculty Page eventually shows my current areas of Research Interests, Courses Taught, and other Professional Activities.

Faculty Page at IIMK  

Professor at XLRI

Before joining the IIMK, I have taught at the XLRI Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, India for nearly two decades, starting from 2001.

Over the years I’ve taught several courses at XLRI, though my work at XLRI has never been limited to teaching.

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Professor (Public Administration) at LBSNAA

In July 2012, I left XLRI to join The Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy for Administration in Mussoorie as a proud servant of the Government of India. LBSNAA is the apex training institute of civil servants in India. The time had come to invigorate my interests in research and training.

At LBSNAA I primarily designed and taught the Management Module for Civil Service Officers.

 My Work at LBSNAA


I took few sabbaticals over the years. The first was a short sojourn with the SP Jain Center for Management (SPJCM) in 2007-08, and recently to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National School of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie (2012-14).

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Curriculum Vitae

The brief CV captures the highlights of my work as an Educator, Trainer and Mentor.

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The Early Career

Fresh out of Engineering College I ended up in Bokaro with the Steel Authority of India Limited after a short stint at Engineers India Limited, Delhi as a Technical Management Trainee. My earlier experiences instilled in me a sense of financial independence and taught me to value all kinds of work.

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My Teaching Ambitions

I have been fond of learning... The impression that my teachers and mentors left on me, is the kind of impression I wish to leave on my students.

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Formal Feedback

While my teaching feedback has not been the highest among all the faculty teaching in a term or semester (typically, about 7-8 courses run at the same time at XLRI), yet it has never been the lowest as such.

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Awards and Grants

Awards, Grants, and Honors that I am proud of, which includes popularity of my papers, case publications and accolades towards my other publications.

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Apart from teaching and training, I have over the years, been actively involved with many start-ups. I encourage entrepreneurial tendencies among my students and support them where I can.

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Investment Beliefs

Compiled from my experiences and learning are these suggestions for those interested in mastering the art of equity research and fund management.

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