Projects and Assignments

Selected take home projects and assignments from my Courses.

Most of my courses have a compulsory individual take home project or assignment.

Often, I make use of this framework  to evaluate such assignments

The following List provides you with some of the better assignments I had received as part of the course work.

Management Accounting I

Year 2015 // Programme: MBA- BM // XLRI Jamshedpur

Accounting for Management

Year 2015 // Programme: MBA – HRM // XLRI Jamshedpur


Year 2012 // Programme: EMD – Defence Officers// XLRI Jamshedpur

Financial Reporting & Control

Year 2012 // Programme: MBA – PGEXP // IIM Ranchi

Management Accounting

Year 2012 // Programme: PGCBM (Satellite) // XLRI Jamshedpur

Strategic Management I

Year 2012 // Programme: MBA – PGDM // XIM Bhubaneswar

Financial Management I

Year 2011 // Programme: MBA – BM // XLRI Jamshedpur

Basic Financial Management

Year 2010 // Programme: MBA-PMIR // XLRI Jamshedpur

Financial Management II

Year 2010 // Programme: MBA-BM // XLRI Jamshedpur

Please note that the assignments do contain a few errors. But they had been picked up for something they had what other assignments did not have (or, I possibly overlooked them).

The above list excludes the large number of handwritten assignments (some of them were really fantastic). I salute the students for the good work done.

Wish my students the best in their well intentioned endeavors.